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Gone but not Forgotten


Century Girl 

Original Piece: sold; acrylic; framed; 20"x24"

" better start swimmin' or you'll sink like a stone." - Bob Dylan

This young lady from a former era, like us all, is trying to determine which way the tide is turning.


Lakota in White

Original Piece: pastel drawing; framed & matted; 20"x24"

When I found the old photograph of this Indian chief, I knew right away it would serve as a perfect model of nobility, justice and wisdom.


Rough Passage

Original Piece: acrylic on canvas panel; 24"x30"

Painted during an extremely difficult period in my young adult life, where I probably learned the most about trusting God for strength and patience than any other time.


Paris Street Scene

Original Piece: artist's private collection; acrylic on canvas board; framed; 28"x32"

To me, Akron is my home. To Parisians, Paris is home. In either case, he who is happiest can find peace and joy in his home.


Big Red Fred

Original Piece: acrylic on canvas board; 14"x18"

Fred was a troublesome cat but also much beloved. We miss him, but we don't miss him jumping up on the table and knocking our coffee over.

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