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About the Artist 

I didn't know it at the time, but my vocation as an artist was determined in kindergarten. With just the wave of a hand in finger-painting class, a brilliant vision of color appeared before my eyes. Not only that, it left a permanent record of the joy and excitement of the moment.

Over the many years of formal academic training, personal study, and endless experimentation, that childhood thrill of discovery has never abated.

By grade school I had become a paid professional by taking my first commission to draw cartoon characters on t-shirts for $0.25 apiece. Unfortunately, I've had to raise my prices somewhat since then.

When it comes to subjects, methods, and mediums for my work I never set limits apart from personal taste and discretion. I do lean heavily on acrylic paints, but I also use watercolors, pastels, graphite, colored pencils, pen, ink, etc...

Apart from the personal satisfaction I get from my work, I'm realizing more and more how useful and helpful it can be for others. I'm including a more detailed look at this in the following paper "The Value of Art".

You can read it HERE.


A note from Nat -

Hello, I'm Scott's Daughter Natalie,

We have been working together for, well, you could say our whole lives. I might have had some stubborn phases in my youth and sometimes we wouldn’t see eye to eye but in the end, love works everything out.

Now we happily work together on this – his Art.


As I sit here trying to think of how to describe my dad, words only go so far - although I will say the truth and good that he taught me will forever be a guiding light in my life.

It’s a joy to work with my dad and help both of our dreams come true, as corny as that may sound.

Mission Statement

The central vision of The Midnight Fox Studio and Gallery is to shine a light on the beauty of God and His creation through the work of our hands, hearts and minds.

Wet Paintbrushes

Artist Scott Miller

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