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Poet's Dream


Poet's Dream

Original Piece: acrylic on prepared board; framed; 24"x30"

The key to this picture is the roaming mountain range on the far side of the desert. It is a powerful symbol of what either connects or separates us from our deepest desires.


Swan Lake

Original Piece: sold; acrylic on prepared board; framed; 18"x24" 

This is definitely one of my favorite paintings, and I don't want to overanalyze it, but as a limit to my thoughts I will mention Garth Brook's song "The Dance".


Summer Moon

Original Piece: sold; acrylic on stretched canvas

Even at high noon in the middle of summer, to a poet, the influence of the moon is always present.



Original Piece: acrylic on stretched canvas; 24"x30"

Dragonflies are said by some to have magical powers. I took that idea and ran with it and used every tube of paint I had: red, blue, green, purple, orange, yellow, on and on. I even added some fancy Chinese symbols for good measure.


Zoom Theory

Original Piece: acrylic on stretched canvas; 20"x26"

From the new blue mystic woman, to the old gold icon, to the flashing flight of space bound silver birds, man has always needed reminders of the worlds beyond.


The Raven's Cup

Original Piece: acrylic on canvas panel; framed; 20"x24"

A mysterious woman in a red hat holding the husk of a seed, and a raven drinking from a cracked cup, both in stark profile. All that's missing is a crescent moon and a teardrop.


Wolf on the Ledge

Original Piece: artist's private collection; acrylic on prepared board; 24"x24"

A gold sunset, a blue radiating moon, a lone wolf on the edge of who knows where - this is the kind of dream scene I like.

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