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New Directions


Under the Sun

Original Piece: acrylic on canvas; mounted on a skid; 28"x28"

A throwback to my love of Egyptian and primitive art; all the ancient cultures sensed the connection between the sun and unseen worlds.


Picnic on the Beach

Original Piece: acrylic on stretched canvas; 16"x20"

This is my dream of an ideal picnic: not too hot, not too cold, the sun, the beach and a feeling that all your cares are drifting away like balloons on a summer breeze.


Three Fish

Original Piece: acrylic on prepared board; 14"x18"

Red, orange and yellow gold intertwined in a sea of blue and green. BFF's the way things should be.


The Balance of Power

Original Piece: mixed media on paper; framed; 18"x24"

Although man's creations are increasingly amazing, I still believe they will never fully reach the level of beauty, complexity and mystery of the work of God's hands.


Field of Red

Original Piece: acrylic on stretched canvas; 20"x24"

One of my rare, purely abstract works. I just like the vibrant interplay of bold colors and shapes with a wild splash of white. I figured I should stop while I was ahead.


In the Rain

Original Piece: sold; acrylic on prepared board; 24"x32"

I was feeling very fresh and clean after a light spring rain and wanted to capture that with some light, cool, organic strokes. The birds magically appeared and just needed a touch of detail to make them clear.

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