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Black and White Landscape

Black and White



Original Piece: not currently for sale; pencil on paper; framed and matted; 32"x40"

One of Shakespeare's most memorable characters from "The Merchant of Venice". In doing his portrait I attempted to give him the full attention and respect he so passionately requested.


Playing with her Hair

Original Piece: acrylic on stretched canvas; 16"x20"

Comfortably confident, relaxing on the couch and using her hair like some would use prayer beads to plan her next move.


The Iron Horse

Original Piece: not currently for sale; pastel pencil on paper; 15"x20"

The magnificent steam engine. One of mankind's most iconic inventions. A testament to the skill and wisdom God has made accessible to the human mind.


Fishing Boats

Original Piece: pencil on paper; 11"x14"

Boats, nets, poles, cargo and all the other implements of hard labor represent courage and determination in the face of relentless adversity.


The Circus is in Town

Original Piece: mixed media on paper; framed and matted; 28"x34"

The Band had a song called "Life is a Carnival". I'd have to agree to the general idea - no matter the details of the current show.

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