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The prices currently being presented on this site fall under two main categories: original or print. The prints, however, are currently available in a variety of sizes and formats. Due to formatting, some works may not be available in currently offered print sizes. Purchase inquiries must be made through the contact form.

Paper Print 

(includes backing board and plastic sleeve)





Original Pieces

Refer to gallery pages for original piece prices.


Stretched Canvas Prints





Explanatory Notes


These works, due to their immediacy and uniqueness, may primarily be of interest to serious investment-minded collectors and, therefore, are priced accordingly.

Open Edition Prints

While always maintaining very high standards of color fast inks, premium quality canvas, paper or fabrics, these printed pieces are much more affordable due to easier accessibility. There may be minor variations in definition and color value.

Special Selections

This is the studio equivalent of a backstage pass. This section covers a wide variety of works that don't fit neatly into a single category. For example: there are posters, collages, sculptures, studies, experimental explorations, augmented prints with unique frames and mountings, etc. These works are individually priced and may in the long run be some of the most valuable.

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