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Just For Fun


Two Sosume Braves

Original Piece: mixed media on paper; framed; 22"x28"

The picture of two fierce warriors obeying a traffic sign seemed so ridiculous to me I just had to get out my sketch pad.

P.S. Sosume rhymes with go to me.


The Visitors have Arrived

Original Piece: acrylic on prepared board; 10"x14"

If a couple of stick figures skimming over the waves in a canoe through tropical plants to a secret hideaway can't have fun, who can?


Can't Fry a Grill

Original Piece: mixed media on paper; 18"x24"

Let's see, we've got three blind mice, a '57 Chevy, Elvis Costello, a beautiful smile, two horses and a fly; that's got to be more than enough for a good time.


Crazy Owl

Original Piece: oil pastel on paper; 11"x14"

I was thinking one day, "Could I do an owl that Pablo would see and give me a thumbs up emoji?" This was the result.


Sand City

Original Piece: mixed media on paper; 18"x24"

Obviously I was in a relaxed summer day mood when I did this picture of three guys and a monkey with nothing better to do than to check out the birds flying over city hall.


No Bologna

Original Piece: pastel pencil on paper; framed and matted; 28"x28"

I used to love figuring out these kind of puzzles when I was a kid, and now, since I can't find them anymore, I have to make them up myself.

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