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The Lovely Ladies



Original Piece: not currently for sale; acrylic on canvas panel; 16"x20"

One of my favorite songs to sing is "Veronica". It's about an unattainable woman; the perfect combination of beauty, virtue, wisdom and a spicy dash of special sauce. This is how I imagine she would look.



Original Piece: acrylic and colored pencil; framed; 17.5"x26.5"

The exuberance and relish of life that youth exhibits harkens back to the time of divine and perfect innocence.



Original Piece: acrylic prepared board; framed and mounted; 16"x20"

I painted this young lady's portrait on a prepared surface that reflects her rough life. Although her youth was hard, it served to develop a strong and positive spirit.


Cat and Hat

Original Piece: mixed media; framed; 14"x18"

This is a picture of my wife Linda in a style reflecting her unique nature: elegantly old fashioned and gently flamboyant.



Original Piece: acrylic on canvas panel; framed; 20"x24"

The struggle to maintain integrity of heart can be an intense battle at times when caught in-between the higher and lower impulses.


Bringing Roses

Original Piece: acrylic; framed; 21"x25"

I picture this young woman in the yellow bandana and handmade earrings as being naturally giving, caring and eager to bring joy and comfort wherever she goes.

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