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Artist's Choice


The Monk

Original Piece: artist's private collection; acrylic on canvas panel; 16"x20"

I've always thought of this piece as a self portrait because I usually strive to maintain a calm reflective spirit no matter the situation.


A Good Book

Original Piece: acrylic on prepared board; 24"x28"

Inside on a cold snowy night, warm and safe with all the time in the world and a good book - sign me up!


Big Dog

Original Piece: acrylic on stretched canvas; 36"x36"

While thinking of all the chaos and disorder in the world, I had to take a break and just paint - this was the result.


Enchanted Frog

Original Piece: acrylic on prepared board; 18"x24"

A little limerick: No offense to the frog - sitting proudly on his log - but if he's counting on my kiss - this world will end up short one prince.


Midnight Fox

Original Piece: pastel on paper; 8"x10"

A twist on the "The Fox" - I wanted to revisit one of God's mysterious creatures residing under the moonlight. 


Summer Wings

Original Piece: acrylic on canvas panel; 24"x30"

Butterflies, with their amazing transformation from insignificant crawling creatures to magnificent airborne angels of earth, clearly have divine fingerprints all over their shimmering wings.


Deep in Thought

Original Piece: acrylic on canvas panel; framed; 10"x12"

Alone with her thoughts, her cats and some trophies from her garden, this young woman in orange has much to ponder.

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