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Art and Artists 



Original Piece: acrylic on board; framed; 20"x24"

Does life imitate art or vice versa? I'm not sure, but I know that I always try to imitate Picasso in searching for new ways to look at the world.


Andy W.

Original Piece: augmented pastel; 15.5"x19.5"

One of the most popular and influential artists of modern American art and culture for better or worse.


Ballerinas at Work

Original Piece: acrylic on canvas panel; 24"x30"

Any truly great performance, if done with effortless ease, comes only after much diligent, strenuous effort.


Sax Player

Original Piece: acrylic; framed; 24"x30"

Brash, bold and rippin' through the night until the early morning hours when the birds take over.


Yellow Violin

Original Piece: not currently for sale; acrylic on canvas panel; 18"x24"

Beethoven said that music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life. I'm sure the birds' song, as they enjoy their home among the trees and flowers, would echo that thought.


Blue's Guitar

Original Piece: sold; acrylic on canvas panel; 20"x24"

Could be a self portrait except for the fact that I've yet to get that 12-string I've always wanted.

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