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Mystery Box


Black Rock Desert

Original Piece: acrylic on stretched canvas; 16"x20"

I can't remember anything about this picture except I was sure it needed an armadillo to be complete. Voila.


The Essentials

Original Piece: acrylic on canvas; 8"x10"

The big three are represented in an unadorned way to let the viewer make the connections: an anvil for work, a banjo for the arts and a lizard for creation.


Red Winged Creature

Original Piece: not currently for sale; mixed media on paper; framed; 22"x28"

If you were kind you might call this a whimsical look at a comically creepy creature doing its evening thing.


Fight on a Nice Background

Original Piece: mixed media on paper; 14"x18"

Warfare is a fact of life. That doesn't mean a person can't think that someday battle pictures may only be pictures in children's books of ancient history.


Pandora's Box

Original Piece: mixed media on paper; 18"x24"

My take on the Greek myth of the release of all of mankind's woes. It formerly had the title "The Viewer may Substitute Disco Records", which, in hindsight, seems a bit harsh.


Revelations 17:4

Original Piece: mixed media on paper; 7"x9"

There was a period in my life when I tried to figure out all the signs pointing to the end of time. After a while I became weary in the process and became increasingly concerned with my own "end of days".

807 Special Selection

Owl #1

Original Piece: rust assemblage; framed and matted; 20"x30" 

Although owls are thought to be one of God's wisest creatures, this piece showcases time-worn materials and highlights imperfect beauty.

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